Apply now for COMEUP STARS 2023!

COMEUP seeks teams equipped with (1) brand-new ideas and state-of-the-art technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges, and (2) a solid business model that has cross-border potential. We will join you on your entrepreneurial journey and support you with every opportunity you need to succeed. Apply now and join the COMEUP STARS. Let’s make a lasting impact together.

Rookie League

Early-stage startups under $1M in funding (100 companies)
* Companies that founded within the last 7 years
* Companies with no funding history can apply

For COMEUP 100

Tailored Matching and 1:1 mentoring with one of COMEUP official investors

Business Matching with top-notch VCs/accelerators and global corporations

Qualifying Round


Tailored Matching and 1:1 mentoring with one of COMEUP official investors

Business matching with top-notch VCs/accelerators and global corporations

On-stage pitching and awards to outstanding companies

Free on-site booth for Business Promotion

Invitation to exclusive networking events

Academy League

Student entrepreneur or university-affiliated early stage startup (30 companies)
* Teams that are not incorporated or have been founded within the last 6 months
* Teams with no funding history are welcome to apply

Chance to present your product to prominent founders and investors

On-stage pitching to attract your first investment

Mentoring program with qualified investors

Invitation to private networking events (coffee chats, meet-ups)

Private accelerating program with official COMEUP accelerators

COMEUP Stars Journey


05.01 MON - 06.02 FRI

Document Screening

06.05 MON - 06.13 TUE

Shortlist Announcement

06.15 THU


07.10 MON

Finalist Announcement

07.03 MON


06.19 MON - 06.23 FRI

* Timetable subjuect to change.


  • Q. We were selected last year. Can we apply for this year’s COMEUP Stars?

    A. Of course! We are preparing for more benefits just for this year’s COMEUP Stars so don’t miss out.

  • Q. What kind of startups are eligible to apply?

    A. As long as you have your innovative items and ideas, your nationality, career, and industry doesn’t matter at all! COMEUP Stars is open to everybody. However, you have to check your total funding amount before applying. Check out more details at

  • Q. Do I include angel investment matching funds in the total funding amount?

    A. We do NOT count angel investment as part of your total funding. Please exclude the amount of matching funds when applying.

  • Q. I’m not sure if I will be able to attend physically. Can I still apply?

    A. We highly recommend all selected startups to attend on-site. Do not miss out on your chance to pitch in front of a global audience, arrange business meetings, and take a designated promotion booth.

  • Q. What are the evaluation standards?

    A. Based on your pitch deck, our judges of professional investors will grade your application based on three criteria: innovation, growth potential, and marketability.

  • Q. Will the number of employees affect my grade?

    A. No, it won’t. All we want to know from the number is the size of your business. That’s all!

  • Q. Will the total funding amount affect my grade?

    A. No, it won’t. Your total funding amount will NOT affect the grade. However, it does decide the league you can apply for. If you want to learn more about the funding amount and eligibility, visit

  • Q. Why do you want to know whom I want to meet from the startup scene?

    A. COMEUP is all about putting startups first. Your answer will help us provide benefits for our COMEUP Stars.

  • Q. I’m having trouble submitting my pitch deck.

    A. There could be a system glitch when our server gets too busy. If you find yourself having trouble attaching your pitch deck, please try again later. When the same problem repeats, contact us at +82 2-521-2022.

  • Q. What happens if I don’t submit all the required documents?

    A. If any of the required documents are missing, your application will be automatically removed from the pool. Please double-check before completing your application.

  • Q. Can I edit my application after submitting?

    A. Once you complete your application process, you’ll find the ‘Edit Application’ button on the website. Click the button to edit your application form. However, editing is only available before the application deadline(July 29 (Fri) 23:59).

  • Q. Can I withdraw my application?

    A. Once you complete your application process, you’ll find the ‘Cancel Application’ button. Click the button to withdraw your application. Please note that all the submitted information will be deleted when you cancel your application.

  • Q. I didn’t get the verification email. What should I do?

    A. If you cannot find the sign-up verification mail in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If the mail is still nowhere to be found, please contact us at +82 2-521-2022 or

  • Q. When is the application deadline?

    A. The deadline is June 2 (Fri) 23:59 (KST). The server is going to be really crowded then so we recommend you submit your application earlier.




Tel. 02-521-2022

* The number of finalists(domestic and overseas) are subject to change due to promote interaction between startup ecosystems.